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Narew National Park

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The symbol of the Narew National Park is the marsh harrier. The park protects the vast, strongly swamped and rush-covered valley of the Narew River, dividing into many riverbeds here. The Narew National Park is the only national park in Poland (as of 2009), which has no strict protection zone. The park's administration seat is the palace in Kurów. It is also worth seeing the causeway and bridgeheads of the now non-existent bridge on the pre-war old Białystok - Warsaw road near Kurów. Access to the park allows, among others PKP (access to Łapy). You can rent kayaks in Uhowo (here it is forbidden to drive boats with combustion engines). The park is a habitat for many endangered bird species, including white-tailed eagle and battalion fighter. You can also meet here, among others ermine, cowards. At one of the three sites in Poland, there is a protected common daylily edipus edible butterfly. The Narew River flowing in many channels, and especially with the tributaries of the Awissa and Struga on the Suraż - Rzędziany section creates unique landscapes called "Polish Amazon".


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